About us

We are a partner

We are a team of passionate people. We make expectations a reality.

For over 20 years, we have been helping to fulfill our clients’ dreams of a space that inspires the development of the company and its employees. We actively participate in the changing world of trends, not forgetting the most important aspect of our mission – ergonomics and durability of the materials and solutions used.

We focus on relationships based on trust and confidence that the furniture we deliver to offices meets the requirements and the highest global standards.

We support architects and designers throughout the design process, sharing our knowledge and experience.

How do we work?

We take care of the project at every stage of its implementation. Starting with the analysis of needs, we offer fully thought-out solutions and support in the design of spaces tailored to the needs of companies.

We handle projects comprehensively: from architectural support, through purchase, logistics and assembly.
We also provide product training, warranty and post-warranty service.

We provide cooperation at the highest level, basing our activities on the unique, original PATE method, in which we declare our responsibility on four levels:


Experienced, committed specialists who support the client at every stage of the design process in a multi-faceted approach to the task entrusted to them.


Proper interpretation of the investor’s expectations on the basis of the conducted analyzes, expressed in global design, taking into account the ergonomics of solutions.


Maintaining the phases and rhythm of work established on the basis of schedules and ensuring its strict implementation.


A wide range of solutions from various segments allows for flexible adjustment of budget assumptions, fully realizing the set design goals.

Fun fact: The name Logan comes from the Mountain Summit – the highest mountain in Canada, located in the St. Elijah, in the west of Canada in the Yukon Territory, near the Alaska border. The Logan Massif forms a huge mountain range – it occupies an area the size of Switzerland.

Visit the Showroom


ul. Lasówka 42, 30-718, Cracow


OPENING HOURS: 8:30 – 16:30
e-mail: krakow@logan.com.pl
tel. 12 262 90 80





ul. Radzymińska 257, 03-643, Warsaw


OPENING HOURS: 8:00 – 17:00
e-mail: warszawa@logan.com.pl
tel. 22 698 82 85
tel. 22 698 82 86





ul. Diamentowa 4a, 20-447, Lublin


OPENING HOURS: 8.00 – 16.00
e-mail: lublin@logan.com.pl
tel. 81 524 49 86





ul. Korfantego 141a, 40-154, Katowice


OPENING HOURS: 8:00 – 16:00
e-mail: katowice@logan.com.pl
tel. 32 757 98 88




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